Working Hard for East Renfrewshire

May 7, 2017

Recent statistics show that SNP MPs in Westminster provided the effective opposition that Scotland needs to stand up to an increasingly hard-line Tory government.


Keenly focussed on the issues affecting people living in East Renfrewshire, Kirsten Oswald, spoke in ninety-six debates in 2016.


In March of this year, Kirsten contributed to twelve debates, compared to Labour and Conservative MPs who averaged a mere five.


The statistics showed the SNP MPs as  the hardest working politicians at Westminster, making Scotland’s voice heard and vehemently opposing damaging Tory policies.


Kirsten commented:


“These statistics clearly  show SNP MPs as the hardest working group at Westminster,  and with Labour in complete disarray, the only real opposition to the Tory government.


"I have taken every opportunity to represent the people of East Renfrewshire in Westminster on the issues they feel strongly about.


“This General Election is fundamentally about what sort of country Scotland wants to be.


“In calling an election at this time, the Tories are putting cynical party interests first. The SNP will always put Scotland first.


“Now more than ever Scotland needs a strong opposition to an emboldened Tory government who think they can do what they want to Scotland.”



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