Kirsten Oswald comments on SNP success in East Renfrewshire council election

May 9, 2017

Kirsten Oswald, SNP Candidate in the General Election on June 8th has welcomed the outcome of last week’s council election in which SNP Councillors were elected in all East Renfrewshire wards for the first time.


This result builds on the SNP’s success in 2015 Kirsten Oswald was elected to serve the constituency in Westminster, displacing Jim Murphy, then Leader of Scottish Labour.


The SNP increased its number of councillors from four to five, despite boundary changes that resulted in a reduction in the number of councillors elected to the Council..


The SNP success in East Renfrewshire was reflected across the country, as it finished with 431 councillors, up six on 2012, became the largest group in 16 of 32 councils and ended almost 40 years of Labour control in Glasgow, becoming the biggest party in the city for the first time.


The SNP is also the biggest party in Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh. The SNP total of 431 is 157 more councillors than the Conservatives, who replaced Labour as Scotland’s second largest party in local government in Scotland.


Kirsten Oswald, who is seeking re-election as MP for the constituency in the General Election said that she was delighted with the SNP’s success, both locally and nationally.


Kirsten said:


“The SNP’s insistence on putting local issues first was appreciated by voters in East Renfrewshire and across the country.


“Five of our members won election in a constituency where voter turnout was much higher than in  the rest of the country.


“I am delighted that Tony Buchanan has been re-elected as Leader of the SNP Group. I wish him and his fellow SNP Councillors every success as they work to form the first SNP-led administration in East Renfrewshire.


“The outcome of the election shows that many voters were unimpressed by the Conservatives decision to focus solely on the constitution, with nothing to say about local issues.”

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