It shouldn't take a public outcry to get a common sense decision.

May 16, 2017

I am delighted that Rev Rosa Sleiman has now been granted permission to enter the country. I know that her presence at the General Assembly of The Church of Scotland will be hugely worthwhile, and that her perspective on gender justice and the Middle East will be very valuable.

I had emailed a letter to the Prime Minister earlier today, asking her to re-examine the initial decision as a matter of urgency. I'm sure others similarly made representations, because the decision to bar her from coming was clearly ridiculous.

However, it should not take a public outcry to get the Home Office to make sensible decisions. It was offensive and wrongheaded of the Home Office to suggest that Rev Sleiman was not a genuine visitor, or that the funding of the visit by the Church of Scotland was somehow not properly in place.

It's not good enough that this keeps happening. The UK Government must accept that the current decision making process is flawed and simply not fit for purpose. 


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