Tory Manifesto Launch - an attack on ordinary households.

May 19, 2017

The Tory manifesto certainly reflects Theresa May’s view that Labour is out of the running in this election, a view shared by Labour’s candidate in East Renfrewshire, who voted against Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Leadership battle, saying “we cannot win with Jeremy”.

Theresa May talks about 'hard choices' – but her choices will hit hardest on pensioners, disabled people, the vulnerable, and those on middle and low incomes.

Her manifesto is an attack on ordinary households - with deep austerity cuts that will hit pensioners, families, and our public services and removes any protection for ordinary taxpayers against future tax rises.

The Tories have already hammered working families with cuts to tax credits, forcing low income families to rely on food banks, and shameful policies like the bedroom tax, the rape clause, and cuts to mobility support for the disabled. They will continue to squeeze family budgets with further cuts to welfare and withdrawing free school meals.

Now they are planning to hit pensioners beginning with an end to the Triple Lock, means-testing Winter Fuel Payments, and targeting family homes to fund care costs. Some of the changes introduced art Westminster will have a direct impact on Scotland’s pensioners, others will reduce the Scottish Government’s budget.

The SNP Government in Holyrood already protects free personal care, free childcare, and free school meals, and it will stand up against these callous Tory cuts. But, now more than ever, we need strong SNP voices to stand up against the Tories in Westminster. 

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