'WASPI' women call for pensions justice

May 26, 2017

These were the ‘WASPI’ women, fighting against pensions inequality, and a Tory Government that whipped their pensions away, with precious little notice – none at all in some cases I know of.

These women paid in to the system all their lives, and had been told when they would be able to retire, with their pension.

For a Government to change someone's retirement date so near to the time they planned to stop working is extraordinary, and a grave injustice. It's something the Tories have been unable to defend without resorting to bluster and bluff.

Women have had their lives turned upside down by this problem, and been left in huge financial and practical difficulty. It’s not often you see hundreds of middle aged women in open revolt, but the Tory Government at Westminster has made such a hash of this, they've managed to achieve it.

The Tory Government has been so unsympathetic that the outgoing Pensions Minister, sacked by Theresa May, delivered a parting shot (http://www.pensions-expert.com/Special-Features/The-Cut/Ros-Altmann-backs-Waspi-in-stinging-resignation-letter?ct=true) as she left the Government. Ros Altmann, widely recognised as an expert on pensions and a champion of equality sent Theresa May a stinging letter. This included the following daming critique of the government's position:

“'On the issue of women's state pension age, whilst I respect the democratic decision taken in 2011 by our parliament, I am not convinced the government adequately addressed the hardship facing women who have had their state pension age increased at relatively short notice. They were not adequately informed.”

The women who marched through Glasgow today expect this to be sorted out, and it's clear they’re not giving up. They are absolutely right to keep pushing against this injustice. I’m delighted to support them in any way I can.

It is issues such as the difficulties facing the WASPI women that should be dominating this election, but Ruth Davidson's Tories will discuss anything except the past record and future plans of the Tory Government at Westminster. It is time they were held to account for the mess they have made of so many people's lives through their austerity agenda, that takes so much from the poor, in order to deliver further tax cuts for the rich, and big business. 


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